What’s Your Mythology?


Think about three TV/movie series that you love. Why do you love them, and what do they have in common? Writers are translators, analysts, who view the external world compared with their rich inner landscape and re-articulate what they see. What do The X-Files and Star Trek: Voyager have in common? Their sense of mythology.


A mythology in the books we write pertains to an underlying theme that ties our work, our passions, “platform” and view of the world into a cohesive path. X-Files: Fox Mulder’s obsession with finding his sister. Star Trek Voyager: Marooned in the Delta quadrant and trying to find their way home. These themes were woven into almost every episode in the entire series – forming a subterranean backdrop and upon which all other sub-stories and themes were applied. What’s your favorite series and what’s the underlying mythology that keeps you going back for more?

Developing a mythology to your serial novels, your books, blogs, even your photo boards on Pinterest helps to define you as an artist and visionary, and evolves your image and place in the digital world.


More on fiction mythologies forthcoming…


One thought on “What’s Your Mythology?

  1. John Orman

    OK, X-Files and Star Trek mentioned right off the bat in your new blog, so I am all in, Lisa!

    Of course the mythology of one of my favorite series, Star Trek: The Original Series, is pretty well set out right away in the introduction to all the episodes. Those were to be adventure tales of boldly going where no one has gone before, seeking out new life and civilizations, exploring humanity’s final frontier. Flesh it out with a hunky, strong, clever, and witty starship captain, and a bunch of lovable and logical sidekicks, with a lot of expendable red-shirts, and we are on our way at warp speed. Tough times and aliens are ahead, but every apocalypse can be averted through brute force or subtle game-play.

    Lots of mythologies around–a writer or producer would be hard-pressed to create a successful series of books, TV shows, or movies without a grand mythology underpinning it, even if it is not a very reasonable one. Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, Star Wars, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Twilight series, and even that moldy oldie favorite of mine, the Route 66 TV shows. As a fan of the Mother Road, maybe I will write an essay on the mythology expounded by that show and displayed by the people and artifacts along that hallowed highway.

    Meanwhile, Lisa, carry on–and tell us your stories!

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