A big moment in my author journey happened today: my 9th book, The Ridders, is officially released and available everywhere. It’s published by Indies United Publishing and is available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats.

And I’m especially excited that the audiobook format is also now available from Amazon, iTunes, and Audible, because it’s narrated by noted crime author and my dear friend, Jonathan Brown.

What’s The Ridders about?

A young private investigator, 21 year old BJ Janoff, investigates a mysterious envelope and gets tangled up in a labyrinth of secrets, a shadow government, and a deadly game of global espionage.

The Ridders was the Winner of an American Fiction Award in the Crime Thriller category, and was a finalist in the Political Thriller category.

Curious about the Brotherhood of Ridders and their terrifying agenda?

You can buy the book on Amazon, or if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ll be with author Ana Manwaring tonight, November 30th, at Books, Inc. in Alameda, CA (1344 Park Street) at 7pm for a booksigning/reading event, and also Barnes and Noble in El Cerrito, CA on Saturday December 3rd at 3pm.

Books make convenient holiday gifts because they’re easy to wrap and easy to ship! 🙂

If you enjoy The Ridders and would like to let other potential readers know what you liked about it, you can leave a review here.

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!



2 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Congratulations Lisa! It’s a thrilling book with everything a reader could want: a secret society wanting to control the work, crimes against humanity, biology and technology, mobsters, family dynamics, love, and it’s all swirled together in a fast-paced romp led by BJ, a 21 year-old who is not prepared for what a simple errand sets in motion. One of my favorites! Everyone should read The Ridders. You’ll be horrified and gratified. And entertained!

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